How to make a Flow Chart Diagram?

Programmers use a combination of flowcharts to design programs.

You will need to know how to make a flowchart similar to the one below:

 Flowchart Symbols:

Most flow charts are made up of four main types of symbol:

Elongated circles, which signify the start or end of a process;

Rectangles, which show instructions or actions;

Parallelograms, which show input and output operations; and

Diamonds, which show decisions that must be made

Within each symbol, write down what the symbol represents. 

This could be the start or finish of the process, the action to be taken, or the decision to be made.

Flow charts can quickly become so complicated that you can't show them on one piece of paper. This is where you can use "connectors" (shown as numbered circles) where the flow moves off one page, and where it moves onto another. 

By using the same number for the off-page connector and the on-page connector, you show that the flow is moving from one page to the next.

That's all you truly need to know.
 Check out few more examples and make one yourself.