How To Pass the 1st Term?

Now... I can't guarantee you'll pass. :\

But what I can do is ensure you get marks in certain questions which will definitely come and require a limited syllabus to solve it. 

Questions like:

1) Output Questions
2) Correct Coding Questions
3) Which Header file used Questions
3) A few important Code snippets.
4) SQL

This section could be more useful if I had the time. For now, this is all I can do:

The above coding and explanations are given in the NEXT PAGE.

There are a few things that will do you good to remember.

*First of all, theory questions will not exceed 15 marks.

So don't depend on them alone. There’s a lot of it to study.

*Second, SQL will come though its weight in this paper is unknown. It may come as an 8 mark question, so study it well.

Do ‘Database Concepts’ also as a question of SQL will also contain a DB one as well.

*Revision Tour may seem unimportant when compared to the other chapters but it will come, especially in Output & Correction Questions.

For example, you should have an idea of the  >postfix & prefix operators ( a++ & ++a ), –>default arguments ( float area( int r, int h=1) ), >And others like it...

*‘Pointers’ is a large chapter and it may come for as low as two marks. Don’t waste your time if you don’t have enough of it. *Definitely study a program of Classes & Objects. A program question of maybe 4 marks seems definite. If you can’t do what the question asks of you, at least manage to SHOW and ACCEPT the values in its proper syntax.

(You'll find the program in the NEXT page)

*Data File Handling is coming… :/ And has a significant weight in the paper.

If you plan to leave out the read() & write() binary file operations, At least do the first part of the chapter.

(i.e. To count the number of spaces in a data file. or Save the entered string into a file. )

* ‘Arrays’ is an important Chapter. No comments to make here. An Output question may come for Inheritance. Not too sure.

. . . . . .. . . . .